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New Revenue Growth Consulting Model Helps B2B Industrial Companies Build Strategic Capability

Those are either managed by internal industrial marketing teams, outsourced to inbound marketing agencies or managed in a collaborative effort. All three models create frustrations. Internal teams often focus on tasks (blogging, social media, etc.) but don’t have broad experience to identify and implement best practices. Agency owners often sell deals and then hand projects off to junior managers and rookie delivery teams – and often have no industrial B2B experience critical to the authentic approach necessary for success.
“Manufacturers like to build things.

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Leading Experts in Medicines Management Launch LUCIDATA™, a Next Generation Drug Cost Analytics Tool

Tellus provides comprehensive solutions to extend healthcare beyond the hospital walls. Our tools are SaaS based applications designed to help our clients leverage the use of mobility allowing patients to interact with providers without taking a trip to the hospital. Our systems include comprehensive compliance, security and control platforms for digital health, pharmacy, electronic visit verification and long term care. Learn more at

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