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Online PR News – 05-June-2017 – Hong Kong – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE
Contact: Jean Cao, Executive Director
+852 53609885
Hong Kong (5 June, 2017) — Seven Billion Today (, a new social media platform with a conscience, has been launched across the world, designed for people, charities and NGOs to post and raise awareness of the issues affecting mankind today.
Seven Billion Today donates its profits to causes, charities or NGOs that the community nominates on a monthly basis.
The platform is available to all participants on a zero-cost basis.
We live in a time when greed and profit, corruption, injustice, inequality, conflict and bureaucracy reigns. As humanity, we see poverty, crime, sickness, famine, environmental decay, war, displacement, and hopelessness borne out of poor governance and profiteering.
We have had enough. Seven Billion Today is where we meet, share our views, get heard, be counted and make a difference – because together, we can.
Users can get involved by:
– Posting articles, images and videos about issues or projects you are passionate about
– Creating polls, and voting on different topics
– Connecting with and messaging like-minded people across the planet
Top votes of last week on Seven Billion Today:
1. Quitting Climate Deal Dangerous for US: UN Chief
Only 25% of voters believe quitting the Paris climate agreement can protect the US economy, as Trump expects.
2. Israeli Constraints ‘Key Cause’ of Palestinian Hardship: UN
72% of respondents think there should be an international protection force for Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza.
3. ‘I call it Patriotism’: Portland Stabbing Suspect
Only 36% of people think terrorism can be patriotic.
4. Protesters March against Zika Abortions in Brazil
75% of respondents support the legalisation of abortion on women being infected with the Zika virus.
5. Australia Plans to Seize Passports of Child-Sex Offenders
90% of voters think the restriction to ban child sex offenders from leaving the country should also be introduced to their own countries.
6. Guterres Urges Investment in Youth in Africa
55% of people believe the international community has an obligation to help Africa adapt as it heads for a new wave of industrialization.
7. Anti-Jihadist Ramadan Ad Goes Viral
91% of respondents do not believe the anti-jihadist video will help stem terror attacks during Ramadan.
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