The Art of Custom Gaming

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Online PR News – 05-June-2017 – Katy TX – Upgradeability, Reliability, and Performance – the three fundamental pillars of building a custom gaming computer. Upgradeability functions to provide the machine with longevity, an important factor in todays’ rapidly advancing technology market. Reliability comes in as the most overlooked factor in gaming machine builds, with gamers often favoring heat-inducing performance overclocks over a robust, healthy build with deep cooling that will last for years. Finally, the most important component for any gamer – performance. Without achieving performance levels where the build can breeze through the newest games without difficulty, there’s almost no reason at all to even start building the machine. To remain within budget, the pursuant gamer must devote great attention to detail, carefully selecting components that function cooperatively to maximize each pillar while keeping costs down. That’s where Impress Computers, the hometown gaming gurus located in Katy, Texas step in to lend a helping hand. The construction of a gaming machine is a delicate process, one that can easily come to a grinding halt with a single mistake such as buying incompatible parts. To combat this, Impress Computers holds a planning session with each gamer in which a knowledgeable staff member sits down and meticulously plans out each build, finding and compiling a layout of the best build options within the budget. From there, Impress is able to construct a high quality, robust build through which the gamer can sit back, relax, and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a professional set up. Not only will the cable management leave a tidy machine, but the computer will also undergo vigorous testing. The builds are subjected to intensive stress tests that simulate the most extreme gaming conditions, ensuring that all parts are capable of performing when they are needed most. Any faulty parts will be revealed through the tests, allowing them to be replaced without any hassle to the client. Furthermore, all parts used by Impress field a 3 to 5 year warranty so gamers can rest assured in the quality of their build. Over the last few years, Impress Computers has established itself as the premier custom gaming company in Houston. Through a combination of excellent customer service, a simple and effective warranty system, and robust gaming builds that withstand the heat of battle, Impress has earned the 4.8-star average rating given to the company by the many satisfied gamers that have come through the doors of their Katy-based store front. For any gamers looking to demolish the competition with a powerful beast of a machine that stays cool under pressure, Impress Computers is the place to go – See more at:

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